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Genus Species:Orcinus Orca

Non living Orca's Eco-system
Due to there being both transient and resident type Orcas, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint a common habitat and migration pattern. Generally they live in almost every sea but usually keep to the coast. Though the highest concentration of Orcas has been said to be in the Antarctic. I will be covering specifically the Antarctic. In the Antarctic in terms of sunlight,during the summer they get almost no sunset and in the winter almost no sunrise.Precipitation per year is an average of 166mm per year, and due to this it is considered as a polar desert. The temperatures vary from lows of -89.2˚C to highs of14.6˚C.
The Living Aspect of the Orcas Eco-system

Species Visual Differentiation

Orca Adaptation

Diurnal or Nocturnal
Most Orca's are diurnal but it it can vary from pod to pod. The adaptations they have for nocturnal activity includes echolocation and acute hearing. For Diurnal activity they have a acute vision in and out of water and also use echolocation just like in their nocturnal activity.

What is an Eco-system

What is a food chain
A food chain is a linear version of a food web. The purpose of which is to show what what an animal or organism eat and is eaten by.
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What is a food web
A series of interlinked food chains that shows the complexity of an ecosystem.
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What is the role of the decomposer
When an organism or plant life dies it leave chemical energy stored in its tissue and due to the lack of precision in which larger animals can consume and clean. there is always some wasted. So the purpose of the decomposer is to break it all down and return it into the eco-system.

Some decomposers
  • Lumbricus terrestris (common earth worm)
  • saprophytes (bacteria)
  • Tricholomataceae (fungi)

Are Zoos Good?
Zoo as a place for animal research, reproduction, protection, and tourism
Disadvantages/ Ethical Concern

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