My animal will be the African lion
The African lion is a tertiary consumer that lives in the Savannah in the east of Africa.
The lion is a tertiary consumer which means that it feeds on both primary and secondary consumers.
The African lion can weight about 130 - 225 kg. Adult lions can run about 50 mph(miles per hour) but cubs can run
from 10 mph to about 15mph. Lions are the only wild cats to live in groups called prides.
Lions are one of the most skilled hunters in the Savannah. They use strategy's to find
and hunt their prays such as gazelles and antelopes.

  1. The animal and origin in you animals habitat
  2. make your animals food web poster
  3. take photo and paste in your science page
  • describe role of decomposer
  • example of decomposer in our animals habitat
  • list of animals and organism in our animals habitat
  • describe habitat and your animals habitat
  • draft out our food web
  • make poster and have three photo of and paste in your wiki

Consumers: consumers are animals that feed on order animals or producers.

Primary consumers: primary consumers are organisms that feed on only grass and plants.
They are also know as herbivores, for example the antelope.

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Secondary consumers: Secondary consumers are animal that feed on primary consumers. They
are called carnivores, for example the leopard.

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Tertiary consumer: Tertiary consumers are consumers the feed on secondary consumer. They
are also carnivores, for example the African jaguar.

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Vocabulary words
A habitat is place where certain groups of animals live
Food web
A food web is a web that shows the feeding relationship between
different animals in an environment.
Food chain
A food chain is a chain that shows the eating scheme of a particular
Animals that eat plants and meat.
Animal that only eat meat.
Animals that only feed on plants.
Animals or organisms that feed on dead animals.
Primary consumer
Animals that feed on producers.
Secondary consumers
Animals that feed on primary consumers.
Plants that feed from sun.
is a process used by which plants and other organisms capture the sun's energy and split off water's hydrogen from oxygen in order to produce food.
Physical adaptation
Adaptation due physical relations such as not enough food or to much light which make the place to hot
behavioral adaptation
Adaptation due to behavioral relations such as aggressions towards other animals or other animals
Something thing is inside a thing such as the human heart is internal to the human body
Something outside of a thing such as the human finger nail is external to the human body

De-composer : De-composers are organisms that feed on dead organisms turning it into a new from of energy. Examples of DE-Composers are worms, and bacterias.

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A way i can improve on my poster is by adding decomposers and draw arows showing the feed relations between
all the animals. WHen i first made my poster i had a spelling mistake so i had to re-print the title, cut it out and then
paste it on the poster. I was happy that my arows showing the feeding relations was understandable and easy to read.

Environment: An environment is a place that has interaction between living and non-living factors.
Depending on the non-living condition the adaptation will vary for example if there is
not much water the animals will have to consever enery or migrate to a place with mor

Non-living conditions
A lot of light which means it gets really hot.
average summer temperature 20˚ - 30˚.
Average winter temperature 20˚ - 25˚
Not move as much as they would to keep a cold body temperature.

Use the shade of trees to cool down body heat.
In the night it gets really
Flatten fear to trap the heat in.

Symbioses relationships:

commensalism: is when one animal benefits and the other is not affected

mutualism: is when both animals benefits from each other

When lions spot volutes circling in the sky they know there is a kill. Also when lions are done
with the hind caters of there kill the vaulters can eat the rest.

Parasitism: Is when one organism lives in a host animal (mostly mammals)

Some times fly's will lay there larva on lions when the lions sleep then the larva will live in the
lion until they are ready to leave.



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