BY: Dallas Yazzie


My animal is a bear ( black bear)

Decomposers, scavengers, omnivores, herbivores, cavnivores
producer, primary consumer - tertiary/quandary consumers.
prey and predator

Where are black bears most found and how long do they live up to?
most of the black bears are found in north america. The average of a regular bears life span is around 10 years but for the black bear life span is around 30 years.

Height: 2-3 feet (.6-.9m) at shoulders

Length: 4-7 feet (1.2-2m) from nose to tip of tail

Weight: Males weigh an average of 150-300 lbs (68-158 kg), females are smaller. Exceptionally large males have been known to weigh 500-600 lbs (227-272 kg).

Lifespan: Average lifespan is around ten years, though black bears can live upward of 30 years in the wild.
external image blackbear.jpg

The picture above is the black bear.
The black bear will eat trout and berries the most. Some time when the bear is really hungry and it cant find the trout or berries it will it the bark from a tree. When the bear dies the maggot or worm will eat it up (decomposes). The black bear will be mostly be found in the forest

external image brook_trout.jpg
external image berries.jpg
The picture above are some of the foods that the black bear eats and kinda what it mostly eats.

external image twigs_bark_persimmon.jpg
When the black bear can not find any berries of trout and its really hungry it will it bark like the picture you see above.

external image 220px-Swiss_National_Park_131.JPG
Above is a picture of where the black bears lives.
The black bears are mostly found in forest.

Decomposers' role
A decomposer is bacteria and insects that will eat anything died. They would eat everything from the died animals body and they would digest it and it would make the plants and other stuff from the ground t grow. If we did not have any decomposers there would be a lot of died thing around the world and that the plants would not even grow because when the decomposes digest the food from the body it would give the plants nutrients so they can grow.

What is the difference between decomposers and parasites?
The difference from parasites and decomposers are that parasites live off the off a live animals or a live people and that decomposers live off died animals or humans.

Names and pictures of decomposes:

1)external image 300px-White_maggot.JPG
up about is a picture of a maggot

2)external image Redworm.jpg
The picture above is a worm

those are bacteria
bacteria is on our skin and the skin keeps the bacteria from coming in to our body so when we get old the skin will give up and the bacteria will get in and that why some people die of old age. So when things die their skin gives up and the decomposes will eat the body and the tissue up.


The black bears food web:
Up above is my finished food web of the black bear.
The black bear doesn't eat that much meat. All the black bear eats that is meat is the trout fish. The rest are berry's and when its really hungry it will eat bark. The resone the black bear does not eat that much meat because they have a diet and they try not to eat so much meat. When the balck bear eat the trout it eats all the other stuff that the trout ate and when it ate. When the black bear dies the decomposer eats it up(worm). The decomposer will eat all it nutrients and when the decomposer digest it will help the pants and other thing that are in the ground grow.

Adaptation flowchart


Black bears are found in forest and mountains.
During the winter the black bear adapts to it by eat a lot of food and then falling a sleep for 3 or 5 months and then they wake up. ( that is called hibernation)
When it gets hot the black bear will adapt to it by going to a stream, river or pond and just go for a swim. When it gets cold the black bear would move around and try and find food.


The black bears ecosystem:
The black bear would have to live by the river or pond so the bear would be able to catch fish. The other reason why black bears would live by pond or rivers is because when it get really hot for them they would want to go for a swim. It lives in the forest so it could eat berries and fruits. The black bear would live in forest but close to a town. Some black bears would go to one of the towns and eat out of the trash or eat the fruits off people fruit trees. The When that black bear dies the worm would eat the bones and the nutrients inside the body.

How Black Bear Survive in there ecosystem?
The way the black bear survive is that they have a thick layer of fur so when the winter come that they would stay nice and warm. but when it gets really hot for the bear the bear would got for a swim in the river or pond. When winter comes the black bear would eat a lot of food and it would got to sleep for at least 3 or 5 months and that hibernation. When the bear get hungry it would go out and hunt for trout fish or look for fruits and berries. When the bear is really hungery and it can not get any of them it would eat bark from trees.

The picture below is the ecosystem of the black bear.
external image Black_bear_-_Alaska_%284%29.jpg

The picture below is were all the black bears live
green= were you see all the green is were the northern american black bear lives and were you would be able to find them.
external image black_bear_m151.jpg

Symbiotic relation:

When both of the animals are both benefit.
Another way of saying it is when it good for both of the animals.

When its good for one of the animals and it doesn't do anything for the other animal.

When one of the animals live off another animal by harming it.

When and animal carries a disease and bacteria.

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