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I chose my animal to be a moose because it is an interesting animal and I think that it would be interesting to know even more about this animal.



Average height- 2.4 - 3.2 meters ( 7.9-10ft)

Average weight- 380 - 800 kilograms

The average size of a moose is from 2.4 meters-3.2 meters (7.9–10 ft) and the males can weigh about 380kg-800kg

The role of the decomposer is that it eats or decomposes the dead corpse of the animal. After the animal has died, first the birds would start eating the dead corpse of the animal, and later the secondary and tertiary consumers eat also the meat of the animal. After the corpse has only a little bit flesh left, the bacteria and fungi start decomposing the animal, and also worms.

There are many differences with parasites and decomposers. Parasites can help the animal and does not kill it instantly because there would be no use of the dead corpse with the parasite. Decomposers actually use the dead corpse that the parasites dont.

The moose have many secondary consumers.
They are mostly killed by wolfs(more than one usually. If a calf, it can get killed by one), grizzly bears, black bears.
In siberia the siberian tigers hunt moose also, because there are manyof them there.
imgres-36.jpeg imgres-1.jpeg Bear:Carnivore:Secondary consumer
Wolf: Secondary consumer: Carnivore
Family: Canidae. Scientific name: Canis lupus lupus
Kingdom: animalia

Food web:

The source of energy: Sun

Producers: Grass, Birch tree, water

Decomposers: Mushroom, Worms, Fungi, Bacteria

Primary consumers: Moose, Deer

Secondary consumers: Bears( grizzly, black & brown), Wolfs (a group of them), siberian tigers and Orcas

Tertiary consumer: People

Eurasian elk: Habitats are in Scandinavia
(Finland, Sweden, Norway) and also in western russia and estonia.
This specie of moose is one of the most basic ones to find
Western moose: This species
habitat it in western North America. Have some differences with the eurasian moose
in size.
Eastern moose:
The easter moose can be found mostly in the eastern parts of North america.
Alaska Moose: Are one of the biggest species of moose their habitat is in alaska.

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Different types of moose:

The moose have been always have mostly existed in northern countries, such as Scandinavia that have eurasian elk's (Finland, Sweden, Norway, and also a little bit of the western russia, and also estonia. There are the western moose that exist in North america, and are mostly populated from the northern U.S.A, and Canada. There are also


Ecosystem is a condition in a habitat. There are many different ecosystems like cold ecosystems and warm ecosystems. The moose has one mostly same ecosystem. It is an northern ecosystem, and it is good for it to live there because it can take the winter and the summer.


Hunting and
The reason why moose are hunted a lot is that there are so many of them in the world and they are hunted, and also they destroy forests by eating many plants and leaves of trees. Also they get sometimes overkilled by cars on roads when they run from the other side of the road to the other. The roadkills can also be very dangerous to human because the person in the car will die or get injured because of the weight of the moose.

Habitat of a moose
The moose's habitat can depend on the different types of moose and what country does it exist in. One habitat is a mountain environment like in the rocky mountains or the scandinavian mountain range. Those habitats have a lot of forest and the hills have a lot of food that the moose could eat. Also there is the european forest habitat that is warm and it has lots of birch and willow trees there. Also it has a lot of bushes there and swamps sometimes, and there grow a lot of berries there. The north american forests are really large and have many lakes there where a moose could drink from.


Koli, Finland

European forest habitat

American forest habitat

Mountain habitat

The moose mates in spring(march-may) and the male's(bull's) are looking for the female(cow's) to mate. The male(bull) is calling for the female(cow) and sometimes the male's fight between the female moose.

Reason why there are different species of moose
One of the reasons why there are so many different species of moose can is that moose lived when all of the countries were together. When the asteroid hit the earth the land got separated from each other and some species of moose were left on the american side and some of the moose stayed on the eastern side, and that is how there are different species of them. The differences though between all of the species is not so big, because they are nearly the same. The american ones have bigger horns that dont have so much fur on them, but the european, and russian moose.

Features of a moose
A moose is a really large animal compared to many other mammals that live on the ground. In europe the largest animal that exists is a moose. It is even bigger than a bear in size and it weighs even more than a bear weighs. A moose has thin fur o its legs and body, and sometimes has fur on its horns. The fur is for keeping the moose warm in winter, and cold weather. It has really large horns on its head and has a little short tail.

In spring the moose is looking for a mate pair to mate with, and the calfs are born in about may or june. In spring it also has to stay with the couple for a while. In summer the male moose leaves the female one to take care of the calf, and in 2 years time the calf will be sent away from the female moose, and the calf starts to look for its own mate about 1-2 years after leaving. In autumn and winter the moose drop their horns and start growing them at the winter. In summer it gets really hot with the moose and also dry so it needs a lot of energy and water. Before winter it starts growing its fur again so that it would be warm in winter conditions.

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