• Choose animal (Japanese Bear)
  • Explore wikispace
  • Research animal (books)
  • Create food web and food chain
  • Describe habitat
  • LIst animal organisms
  • Examples of decomposers ( doctor fish)

Basic facts: 2).
  • Highest running speed. 64 km/h (short burst)
  • How much can it lift. 1200 pounds (full strength)
  • How much meat does it eat. An adult bear can eat 150-200 lbs. at one time.
  • Average weight for adult 91-150 kg

I was able to make a food web successfully, but I think I did not do a good job. I felt like I could have made it neater and maybe put more info on the top corners or somewhere else. I could have put more predators for more info and more details. Two things I felt that made it messy were I printed my arrows and I put the signs really badly.

Things I will do next time:4).
  • I will make little boxes and put more info and how each animal interacts.
  • I will draw my arrows to make it neater and nicer.
  • I will plan better and make sure that my animals fit.
  • I will plan better so my signs will fit.
  • I will put more animals such as carnivores together with the bear.
  • I will put more detail in the poster.
  • I will not make the image so big.
This is a food web of my animal the japanese black bear also know as the japanese moon bear.
The japanese moon bear is call the moon bear because of its mark on the chest that looks like a mark from the moon.
In my animals food web and what role they take.
  • Bear, The bear is my main animal
  • Fly, The fly is the food for the frog
  • Frog, The frog eats the fly and is the bears food
  • Tadpole, The tadpole gets eaten by the small fish and eats
  • Fish, The fish eat small fish and is the food for the squid
  • Cumber, The cumber gets eaten by the tadpole
  • Seagull, The seagull eats the fish
  • small fish (Aji), The small fish is food for big fish and eats tadpole


The slug:9).
Eats rotten
  • Leafs
  • veggies
  • fruits
  • dead small insects.
A slug will eat anything rotten instead of meat. A slug can usually be seen eating live plants veggies and fruits, but if you give a slug a dead plant it will eat it with no fear making slug counting as a decomposer.

The doctor fish: 10).
The doctor fish is really well know because of its ability of being a decomposer. The doctor fish will eat any part of your out side old skin. The doctor fish got famous because of its ability to eat dead skin. Eating your dead skin is really good for us because you get a new fresh skin. When a doctor fish eats your skin it feels your getting tickled and will not hurt. This fish had become a attraction at a few places I will recommend you try it once or twice.

Brief description of decomposer:11).

Decomposers are living things that eat killed living thing such as doctor fish. Doctor fish eats old skin of humans and make them grow fresh skin. That is good because it helps your psoriasis. Their are also a lot of other decomposers. One decomposer is a slug they eat death plants and rotten veggies. That is good because it will get rid of the thing we won't eat and will make the smell better in the wild. A centipede are decomposer because they eat the left over dead plants.


ecosystem have living and nonliving things and they get use to the place and adapt like cactus hold water on its own in the desert and owls live under ground to wrists the heat in the desert. In a ecosystem has a habitat like a scorpion has dirt their are water ecosystems like ponds and lakes and rivers. In each ecosystem their is a habitat. A habitat is different from a ecosystem because ecosystems is a place were living things and nonliving things live, habitat is a place were living thing live.

This is a good example of a ecosystem.

A Japanese black bears habitat is a forrest and places that really cool and not hot. They don't live places like desserts. They rarely live in elevations of more than 12,000 feet. They eat fish and bugs and other easy things to catch. The japanese black bears live in the 3 most main islands in japan Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku. Their habitat is very bad now because their are hunting and road accidents. Right now the bears in Shikoku they are getting extinct and their only 20 bears
The Japanese black bears habitat are:
  • Grassy places near rivers (most likely forests)
  • Very moist places
  • Uses trees and branches to sleep
The nonliving things in a Japanese black bear environment are:
  • Rocks
  • Rain fall
  • soil
  • river
Japanese black bear adapted by:
  • Being able to eat bugs
15). This is a over view pic of one of the islands. as you can see in the photo you can see it looks like a cool place that is why the Japanese bears come here.

A ecosystem is a lot of elements in to one large group including animals, plants and trees. The animals in a ecosystem have awareness of how to reproduce and eat in that ecosystem.

An ecosystem is a defined area that supports certain community of animals, plants, etc, while environment can be much more flexible in its reference.


external image Bear_paw.jpg19). This is a bear claw. As you can see it is really sharp. like in the google drawing the bears need claws for multiple reasons. The main reason is hunting for food and getting to places easier.
If bears did not not have claws they will have to change the food they eat from fish to something else. The reason they have to do this because for example didn't you ever tried to catch a fish with your bare hands it will feel the same for the bears. They will have to switch transportation because for example if you had to climb a tree to get to a higher ground and you had no equipment for climbing and the braches can give you blisters.

This is my google drawing about the bear specialty.
I thought I put a decent amount of work and research into my google drawing. I was able to write enough specialties for my google drawing. I think I should of able to still add much more for the behavior but I was not able to find any info on the internet. Next time I should use books and research and see if that takes me anywhere else. I am actually quite proud of my work because I put effort and did a quiet neat job. I think I will add this to my portfolio for my student piece for my unit in science.

Symbiotic Relationship


Mutualism is when two different species of animals interact and do not have any harm. One example is the picture below were the bird is going on the gazelle and nothin being harmed. The bear I'm not sure about other animals but there is a lot of mutualism between plants and Black Bears and other bears. The bears help each other say when one is not feeling well or is soar.
"Mutualism is an interaction between two organisms in which both organisms benefit from the presence of the other."
external image mutualism.jpg


A parasitism is where a animal is interacting with another spices of animal and taking it's energy slowly and hurting the other animal. The bears Parasitism is where a worms hurts them slowly. This has effect for all bears and can get effected anytime
"Parasitism is when one organism, called the parasite, benefits while a second, the host, is harmed. Each parasites is specially adapted for its specific host."
. external image polar-bear-tongue.jpg

This is a example of a polar bear but all bears have a effect like this where their tongue slowly get mutated.



Commensalism is when one benefits and the other doesn't. I couldn't find a example of a bear for this one.

"Commensalism is a relationship between two organisms where one organism benefits and the other is unaffected

external image Commenalism1.jpg

external image ?ui=2&ik=188175caf4&view=att&th=1376963ef741e11b&attid=0.1&disp=inline&realattid=f_h2fule506&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P_GiS3Nmv7jaLaHuhMrq31C&sadet=1337689887342&sads=UESbrMrq7TEIk_7sUU4_KvokPWY&sadssc=1
When me, Jack, Eoljin, Sengmin and Sheenin went to the zoo we went to see the Japanese black bear. We knew it was the japanese black bear because it have the white V on it's chest you can't see it because you are looking at the back but it had the mark. When I saw the bear I realized it ether it was embarrassed or it wanted to go to the bath room because it kept walking back and forth.

external image ?ui=2&ik=188175caf4&view=att&th=1376963ef741e11b&attid=0.4&disp=inline&realattid=f_h2fule5s9&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P_GiS3Nmv7jaLaHuhMrq31C&sadet=1337690587851&sads=LsBIZ16vCLW9V1ExTS9kG3gN2Ngexternal image ?ui=2&ik=188175caf4&view=att&th=1376963ef741e11b&attid=0.1&disp=inline&realattid=f_h2fule506&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P_GiS3Nmv7jaLaHuhMrq31C&sadet=1337689887342&sads=UESbrMrq7TEIk_7sUU4_KvokPWY&sadssc=1

In the trip to the zoo I realized that you can tell the difference between the other bears over on the top I compared it to a grizzly bear it is so obvious that which one is which. But what I really was surprise was that the bear was not actually very small compared to the others. In my research I got that it was smaller compared to the other bears but it is actually around the same size.

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My animal is more of a normal wether animal. It is not a winter or summer because in winter a bear hibernates but in summer it is really hot so it is really not the best season. It is the most commutable in like spring or fall. Like I said before is adapts to winter by hibernating but in summer it has to live with it. It adapts to summer a little by being less active ( 30%active 70% lazy).

My animal is called the moon bear/asian or Japanese black bear. It's called the moon bear because the mark on it's neck looks like a moon. The name Asian black bear is because the bears are all over Asia. The Japanese black bear name was given because the bear are found in Japan.

Zoo as a place for animal research, reproduction, protection and tourism
Free food. Example Lions do not have to catch their own food and go through the trouble.
Not a lot of room/no freedom. The animals have a limited amount of space for the others and have to be in the same environment.
No fear of getting eaten. Because of the cage around there won’t be any animals that go won’t get interrupted and killed by the other animals.
Same animals and no interaction to others in the world. Animals will have to interact with the same animals.
Less chances of extinction.The chances of extinction will be low because there won’t be any hunters or predators after them.
High chance to get forced to mat. They will get either get harmed by the human and force to mate with the other animal for produce.
Gets equipment to play with. This help because for example the monkeys get climbing sets and when I went to the ueno zoo they had tires for the bears
Not a lot of variety of food to eat compared to the wild. They will lose their appetite because they eat the same food over and over.